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Intelligent software for your business

Corporate TV, Digital Media, Out-of-home

What about if you take your network of digital screens, with the content 100% focused on your business, to your new and existing customers? DSPLAY is the ultimate tool integrating solutions for DOOH. Here you have the tools to control and manage the content, addressing all to your customers, such as the latest news from your company, promotions, internal marketing, internal communications and strategic videos, to trigger a greater engagement of your target audience. 100% communication aligned with your business, no noise, with a modern and effective management tool on your screen.

Regardless the size of your company, DSPLAY can now begin to cause a unique experience to your customers wether if it’s a large corporation, supermarkets, coffee shops, gyms, train stations, bus terminals, restaurants, public areas or educational institutions. The possibilities of applying DSPLAY are numerous, with an easy and quick installation.

Our System

Discover why DSPLAY is ideal for your business

Android Native

Our player is designed for Android and makes use of its best features.


All models are built using HTML5 and CSS3

Content Ready

We offer several ready content, and extension points.


The terminal content is automatically synchronized with the server.


Did not like the standard templates? You can create your own.

Detailed schedule

Choose the period, days of the week and times that the media should be displayed.

Works Offline

Don't worry if you lose your connection. DSPLAY will continue to present content from its cache.

Server in the Cloud

Upload your media and manage your campaigns from anywhere.

Remote monitoring

Find out which terminals are online, which media have been downloaded and more.

Automatic startup

The App starts at system boot, after updates or unexpected glitches.

Play Lists

Create playlists to control the display order of the media.

White Label

Access DSPLAY directly from your domain with your brand.

Access Levels

Create users and define what each can do.

Integration with Social Networks

Have your posts automatically reflected on your screens.


All communication with our server is done over a secure channel.

And much more!

DSPLAY is evolving and innovating every day to exceed your expectations.

Content ready to use

Brazil and World news channels updated directly online from sites that have RSS technology. Horoscope updated daily. Climate of the largest cities in the country and the world updated in real time. Lottery results online updated Checkout.

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DSPLAY Applications

  • Advertising Network
  • Franchises
  • Environments w/ large movement of persons
  • Receptions
  • Kiosks
  • Outlets
  • Hotels
  • Menu Board
  • Videos Board
  • Vídeo Wall
  • Digital showcase
  • Academies
  • Lifts
  • Bus
  • Bars/Restaurants
  • Universities
  • Corporate TV


Easy access and no secrets system management

Business Intelligence

DSPLAY, can display any HTML5-based dashboard becoming a barometer of business that motivates and drives performance, with attractive graphics in the boardroom or on panels individualized through a large organization, providing intuitive graphics to make displaying data easier just as they need to see.

On Demand

DSPLAY, supports the creation and unique content management for your business. Whatever your need, we can generate a programming grid with calls and news, all 100% aligned with your business strategy. Efficient communication, intelligent and undistorted, DSPLAY system is tailored to your company.

  • Technology
  • Cheers
  • Motoring
  • Pet world
  • Vídeos
  • Entertainment
  • News Brazil
  • World
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